Month: February 2019

but the voters did a great job here Speaking of Usher, wholesale nba jerseys one of his accusers is having a credibility problem. Quantasia Sharpton claimed that she had a one night stand with the Let It Burn singer and claims he exposed her to the risk of getting herpes. While Sharpton tested negative for cheap jerseys from China the STD, she’s joined a lawsuit in which another woman and wholesale mlb jerseys from China a man claim they did get the STD from Usher. She reminds me of an old NPR host that did a lot of political commentary back during the Dubya election.

Anywaaay, season 2 recently launched and omg this week’s episode. It was a cluster $ of racism so ridiculous, cheap hockey jerseys it actually played out like a MAD TV skit, but they were serious.

4 weeks ago


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