Month: December 2016

Is Barack Obama Trying to Start a War With Russia?

The whole Russian hacking fake news is going too far and Obama is poking the bear in retaliation. The White House is ready to retaliate against Russia for its supposed influence on the 2016 presidential election in the form of cyberattacks. Those responses will come in the form of sanctions and diplomacy, according to U.S. officials. The [...]
3 years ago

Hillary Censored Us, Interfered In Election » Alex Jones’

The Clinton campaign has been caught interfering with the election several times. Source: Morning Joe Host: Hillary Censored Us, Interfered In Election » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
3 years ago

Rogue CIA, Globalist Left Attempt to Overthrow Trump » Alex Jones’ 

The globalist left and rogue anti-Trump elements of the CIA have launched a false flag claiming that “Russian hackers,” not the American people, selected Donald Trump as the 45th president.Disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters, who claimed her private, unsecured e-mail server was never hacked by foreign agents, are now pretending it was the Russians that kept [...]
3 years ago

Donald Trump IS Getting Daily Intelligence Briefings: FAKE NEWS Is WRONG AGAIN » Alex Jones’ 

Contrary to the narrative coming from hissy fit throwing Democrats, Donald Trump has been receiving daily intelligence briefings from Booz Allen Hamilton rather than relying on the Obama run CIA. Source: Donald Trump IS Getting Daily Intelligence Briefings: FAKE NEWS Is WRONG AGAIN » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
3 years ago

Trump Blasts ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Russia/CIA Card

President elect Donald Trump has slammed the ongoing effect by detractors on the left to convince the American people that Russia was involved in somehow ‘hacking’ the US election, causing a Trump victory.In a tweet sent out this afternoon, Trump succinctly asked readers to imagine what the media coverage would be like were the tables [...]
3 years ago

The Truth About Russia ‘Hacking the Election’ » Alex Jones’ 

The left is willing to risk civil war in America & nuclear war with Russia because they’re butt-hurt about losing.They’re now conspiring with rogue elements of the CIA to initiate an internal coup in the U.S. and overthrow a democratically elected president.Let that sink in. Source: Video: The Truth About Russia 'Hacking the Election' » [...]
3 years ago

Federal judge rejects push for Pennsylvania recount

A federal judge dealt another blow Monday to the Green Party-backed push for a presidential election recount in key battleground states, rejecting a request to recount paper ballots in Pennsylvania and scan some county systems for signs of hacking.The Green Party has made similar attempts at recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan, all states won by [...]
3 years ago

Rare drawing, valued at $16 million, found

A rare drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, valued at almost $16 million, has been discovered by a French auction house.Paris-based auction house Tajan announced the discovery of “The Martyred Saint Sebastian” drawing Monday. This is the first work by da Vinci to be discovered in over 15 years, according to Tajan, which has valued the drawing at [...]
3 years ago

Netanyahu hopes to work with Trump to undo Iran nuclear deal

JERUSALEM –  President-elect Donald Trump will be a good friend to Israel and hopefully the two countries can work together to dismantle the international nuclear agreement with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview Sunday.While the two countries are close allies, relations were sometimes tense between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama because [...]
3 years ago

CIA report of Russia interference in 2016 race divides Republicans 

Allegations that Russia interfered in the presidential election in a bid to boost Donald Trump’s campaign have roiled Republicans, as prominent GOP lawmakers pursue a bipartisan congressional investigation while President-elect Trump’s team tries to tamp down the controversy and “move on.” Trump told “Fox News Sunday” the CIA’s reported assessment was “ridiculous” and described the claim [...]
3 years ago


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